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If you and your spouse have been experiencing conflict, strain, or disconnection in your relationship with no end in sight, you may have been searching for equitable couples therapy near Burnaby. Whether you’re trying to find ways to stay together, considering separation, or simply want to understand each other better, couples therapy certainly can help. Here at SEQUOIA Therapeutics, our relationship and marriage counsellors can provide couples therapy in a fair and professional manner.


During relationship counselling, your counsellor will compassionately control the flow of conversation without dictating to you and your partner. They never take sides, favor one person over another, or demand partners take specific actions. It’s all an open, encouraging process designed to let you and your partner speak your truth without interrupting or dominating each other.


As treatment progresses, you and your partner will improve your ability to listen and communicate with each other, leading to a more supportive and healthy relationship no matter how it evolves. You will each be able to have your experience and hear the other’s viewpoint for the benefit of your relationship. If you’d like to book a session or learn more about our couples therapy in Burnaby, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at SEQUOIA Therapeutics.

Marrig and Relationship
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