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Two of the most common mental disorders are depression and anxiety. Often but not always paired, these conditions can be devastating. Depression can compel you to stay in bed much more often than you’d like, while anxiety wracks you in those instances you do get out of the house. The overall effect is oppressive, and it might have taken you some effort just to search for a therapist for depression and anxiety.


Therapists at SEQUOIA are ready to hear you out, to understand what drives these feelings, and to offer suggestions for how to lessen them in the short and long term future. Each patient is not a number to us. We continually make an effort to understand you, your life, and what approach may work best for your current situation.


Whether you are primarily interested in an anxiety therapist, a depression therapist, or a mixture of both, we’re so glad you took the first step to reach out for help. We promise to make every effort to provide you with supportive mental healthcare should you work with SEQUOIA.

Couselling and Therapy
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