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The most important and meaningful relationships in your life may feel confusing, frustrating and difficult to manage. Unlike any other relationships, family relationships affect people in significant ways that they often don't realize. People often seek help to support their parenting or their marriage, but do not realize that the family system can benefit greatly from that same support.

All families have unique and complex dynamics that we must navigate. Regardless of age or stage of development, these relationships can be the most meaningful in our lives and yet they can cause us the most distress.

SEQUOIA family therapists are uniquely skilled in balancing the individuals and the relationships that exist in any family system. Helping your family celebrate the unique humans that comprise it, while guiding the whole system to function in vibrant and meaningful ways, is the tailored and specialized approach to family therapy that SEQUOIA provides. 

Our clinicians support all cultural and ethnic family systems and structures, and all uniquely-designed families that people create. We celebrate the diversity of how people chose to connect with each other and collect themselves and have highly skilled therapists ready to help support whatever situations you face. 

Book with us to bring out the best of what your family can be.

Family Therapy
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